Cadillac CTS Needs 3 Years To Match Honda CR-V Valuation

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Which car in the market right now depreciates the worse? This is a common question brought upon consumers that are planning to get a good deal in the used car market and looking at online data will tell you that EVs can’t keep hold of their value.

But if you’re not into electric cars, your next best choice would be with luxury vehicles as the products from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Cadillac depreciates at a greater pace than normal vehicles.

The worst hit, according to ISeeCars, is the GM’s Cadillac CTS. The CTS, despite being ranked highly for the goodies which it has to offer, tends to lose 51.4% of its value after three years. Keeping in mind that the CTS has an opening price in the $50,000 range, we are looking at $25,000 for a 3-year old used model.

This is pretty huge for a highly rated luxury car and you can enjoy the vehicle through paying a similar value that can land you a brand-new Honda CR-V.