Cadillac XT5: Time To Leave The US For Good?

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2017 didn’t go well for GM as the carmaker experienced some decline on the sales front but they are able to post gains thanks to their global sales achievement.

One of the biggest heroes for GM is the Cadillac XT5, which happened to experience a sharp incline on the global sales figures. GM released their sales data earlier today and it shows a 15.5% sales increase for the XT5 in 2017.

Scoping on the XT5’s sales will further tell you that China is the real home for the upmarket vehicle. The Far East country recorded 175,489 deliveries at the final second of 2017 which translate to 50.8% increase in sales or almost 50% of Cadillac overall sales.

With Buick already moving out of the US in favour of China, we may see Cadillac following suit in the future.