Call Of Duty WW2: Swapping Guns For Coins!

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The vast majority of gamers have made it clear that they are strongly against microtransactions. While a portion of them can still tolerate in-game microtransactions, they can’t accept it if the cash-driven feature is to affect the main gameplay experience.

The tribe has spoken but it looks like Activision is not hearing it. The game publisher is about to launch Call of Duty WW2 and the highly anticipated FPS game may arrive with tons of microtransactions.

There is proof of this over on Steam. If you are on Steam and you come across a Call of Duty WW2 advert, you will see that the point of marketing for the game is microtransactions. We have witnessed it earlier today and the digital ad puts the focus on acquiring 1,100 CoD Points.

Should Call of Duty WW2 get developed 5 years ago, the point of marketing would be guns or some war-related graphics.