Can 2016 Honda Civic Breed Better CR-Z?

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The latest, tenth generation Honda Civic can certainly set an example to other vehicles from Honda. The upgrades the Civic received are enormous and its success can motivate Honda to offer something similar for the CR-Z.

The two-door hatchback runs on a hybrid system and it has a sleek design but many are complaining that the CR-Z is underpowered. The range-topping CR-Z runs on a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that is paired to an electric motor. This allows the car to generate up to 130hp and return about 39mpg in fuel economy.

The problem here is that the CR-Z is smaller than the Civic but the latter is able to offer more power and even better fuel economy. Perhaps, it is time for Honda to get serious with the CR-Z by offering it a new engine with better power figures.

Of course, the CR-Z should still retain its hybrid setup to make it distinctive, unique and more economical than the Accord. Personally, we would love to see a new CR-Z getting produced to rectify the current issues. What about you?