Can BMW i8 Roadster Offer Supercar Performance?

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Earlier today, BMW concluded their annual general meeting in full style as they confirmed on the development of a newer i8. Dubbed as the i8 Roadster, the car is projected to arrive next year.

This is great news for every i8 lovers because the new i8 Roadster can finally fix the negative side of the original i8 – lack of power. The i8 is much loved for its design but performance of the vehicle has been underwhelming.

Some blamed it on BMW’s decision to equip the i8 with a hybrid powertrain but that is actually not the case. Otherwise, the EV-powered Tesla Model S won’t be able to offer great speed due to green technology. The Model S has shown that going green does not mean the end of performance and this has got many being hopeful for the next i8 to be better.

The next i8 Roadster can deliver just that all while running on a hybrid setup but we can’t confirm about it, at least until BMW drops more details on the car. Will the i8 Roadster be able to perform like a beast?