Can Google Save Fiat-Chrysler From Shameful 2016?

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It has been an embarrassing year for Fiat-Chrysler as the cars produced by the group of companies were named as some of the worst vehicles in 2016. Even Consumer Reports agree with this when it named 5 vehicles from the Fiat-Chrysler Group which owners regretted buying.

So, how can things get better for Fiat-Chrysler?

Well, Google may be that solution they have been waiting for. The tech giant is now working together with the automotive firm to develop a brand new infotainment system that runs purely on Android.

Yes you read that right. A fully functional Android slate that is tailored for driving is being worked on by both Google and Fiat-Chrysler. Once the product is released, we can expect it to offer a different kind of driving experience. Heck, the system may also be able to offer the basis for autonomous driving.

But of course, we can’t be fully certain that Google’s partnership with FCA can bring out any flowers in the field of thorns. What do you think of the collaboration?