Can Mazda6 Coupe Come Up With 400HP?

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Just a couple of months ago, Mazda brought out the new Vision Coupe Concept which hints on the development of a sports coupe.

We actually foresaw the concept’s coming through a teased coupe sketch that was published on Mazda’s Instagram page a year ago and there is no doubt that the vehicle will step into production.

But when it comes to what the Mazda6-based coupe will have to offer, nobody has got a clue and the Vision Coupe concept does not reveal much on this front. Many, however, predicted that the Mazda6 Coupe will be tuned for a sporty performance and it will act as the non-rotary version of the next RX-car.

If this is true, then the least Mazda could do is to equip the Mazda6 Coupe with 400hp. This is now seen as something important because Volkswagen had just confirmed on the development of a 400hp VR6 Arteon R.

Like the Arteon, the Arteon R will be a 4-door coupe that is tuned for the best on-road sports performance around. Seeing that the affordable coupe market does not have many competitors, many are having huge expectations from the Mazda6 Coupe.

The only worry here is that 400hp is rare from Mazda hence they may not be able to pull it off with the Mazda6 Coupe. Mazda has shied away from competing on the sports front for so long now so if they choose to compete, it will put them on the positive light.