Can Trumpchi Force An Auto Pricing Revolution In USA?

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What exactly is Trumpchi? No, it is not an animal silly but it could be the name of President Donald Trump’s Chinese cousin. In all seriousness, Trumpchi is a car brand that within GAC Motors and it is hoping to become the first China-based automaker to invade the US market.

Yes, you read that right. The fear of China taking over everything has strengthened further after GAC Motors made it known that it wants to launch 7-year-old Trumpchi here in the US by 2019.

You may think that these are some wishful stuff from a China automaker trying to make it big but it is not. GAC Motors followed it up by confirming on their participation at the Detroit Auto Show next year. There, the carmaker will offer us some previews of the Trumpchis that aspires to enter the US.

Should Trumpchi truly arrive here in the US, it will need a really good strategy to sell well. The average consumers in the States are brand-conscious hence the only way for Trumpchi to stamp its name in the local market is to offer unbeatable value.

We are talking about new cars that will retail between $10,000 and $20,000 while being able to challenge the offerings of established names in the market. Trumpchi needs to be like how OnePlus and Huawei are when compared to Apple and Samsung in the smartphone industry.

When that happens and if Trumpchi manages to make it big, it may spark an insane price war in the affordable automotive scene and this is the only happy outcome in our eyes.