Can Volkswagen Atlas Rise Up To Jeep Trackhawk?

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Many thought that equipping the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the 707hp Hemi-V8 engine from Dodge is an insane and unsound business decision but they were wrong.

Despite not being able to turn into a big volume offering, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk managed to achieve respectable sales figures and it is also highly impressive in terms of on-road performance.

Even today, there has yet to be any affordable SUVs that are able to compete with the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The way the latter is priced and the power which it has to offer have basically placed the vehicle in its own personal league.

But then again, we may see things change in the future as Volkswagen has announced on some big plans with the Atlas. The large SUV was made to compete with the Honda Pilot and the standard Jeep Grand Cherokee but it is not planning to stop there at all.

While the details are unknown at the moment, rumours are suggesting that Volkswagen is preparing the Atlas R which will rely on a TFSI V8 mill that is sourced from the Audi RS6. Such a setup will allow the Atlas R to develop about 600hp hence putting it in close competition with the Trackhawk.

But of course, the Atlas R idea is based on rumours and you should take it with a grain of salt. We can hope to hear more details on the Atlas expansion plan from Volkswagen in the near future.