Chevrolet Bolt: 10 Months Too Late?

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It has finally happened. The all-new Chevrolet Bolt is now available nationwide and this means that you can purchase the car at a nearby dealer instead of needing to travel a distance just to get the vehicle.

This is great news although it may be 10 months too late for the Chevrolet Bolt. In case you are unaware, GM promised to launch the Bolt on a nationwide scale back when the car made its debut in December last year.

For reasons unknown, the Bolt was restricted to a limited area, although it kept on expanding overtime. Today, GM finally delivered their promise but the timing does not look good for them.

While the Bolt may now be available at a nearby dealer, it won’t be easy for GM to move the vehicle on the sales front as the EV competition has gotten stiffer. Tesla has released the Model 3 and yesterday saw Nissan launching the new generation Leaf.

GM could’ve gotten a head-start on the sales front if they didn’t delay the Bolt’s nationwide availability. The poor timing of deliveries may just bite GM back but we sure hope that wouldn’t be the case.

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  1. kent beuchert

    September 10, 2017 at 8:12 am

    This article is rather illogical. It assumes that the Bolt and the Model 3 and the Leaf are direct competitors. They are NOT – the only thing they have in common is an electric drivetrain, which would describe just about two dozen plus electric vehicles that the world’s automakers are about to release. I can’t even imagine anyone seriously considering both the sedan 3 and the SUV Bolt. Even a Leaf-Bolt comparison is apples and oranges – the prices differ drastically, as do the driving ranges and appearance, not to mention country of origin and charging protocols.