Chevrolet Bolt 238 Miles EV Range Will Turn Prehistoric

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Last December, Chevrolet launched the all-new Bolt and the vehicle gained a lot of attention for having a whopping 238 miles to offer. The electric driving range on the Bolt is viewed as something revolutionary, especially when considering that the EV is priced under $40,000.

But despite being an attractive EV car, the Bolt never managed to leap into success due to a poor launching. GM failed to deliver the Bolt on a nationwide basis and the lack of marketing applied to the car prevented many interested parties from purchasing the vehicle. The failed launch also kept the Bolt from turning into a bestseller in the segment it competes in.

With Nissan now working on the next-gen Leaf, the car’s arrival can mean disaster for the Bolt. We say this because the future Leaf promises some massive things such as a 60kWh battery that can return 340 electric miles. Such a setup can really make the Bolt look prehistoric.

The prospects are looking bad for the Bolt and it will require something special for the Bolt to stand up against the competition.