Chevrolet Bolt Caught Taking A Page Off Tesla’s Playbook!

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GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is fast growing in popularity and this is partly because of the fact that the Bolt is a really cheap EV choice when calculated based on dollar-per-range.

But of course, the Bolt is not the complete deal in the EV market. There are still many ways where the car can improve and GM is well aware of it. GM’s idea is to develop a new infotainment system that can complement the EV mechanism through a highly sophisticated digitalized software.

The aim here is to equip the Bolt with such system so that GM can remotely improve on the car’s performance through launching over-the-air updates. It works exactly like the smartphone industry and this is something that has been practiced by Tesla.

Tesla is the benchmark in the EV industry and it looks like GM is adopting the same idea for their future vehicles – starting with the Bolt.