Chevrolet Bolt Enjoys Calm Before Model 3 Storm

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It is a free pass for the all-new Bolt EV and Chevrolet is enjoying every bit of it. With no real challengers around, the Bolt has been making a lot of sales gains since it debut a couple of months ago and there is no slowing down for the EV hatchback.

Rival EV cars like the Nissan Leaf are unable to match the Bolt’s 238-mile driving range and price point thus allowing the EV car from Chevrolet to enjoy a sales spree. If there is one vehicle that can stand up to the Bolt EV, it is the Tesla Model 3.

The next big thing from Tesla is now in development and it too promises to offer more than 200 miles of driving range while being affordable to own. The only problem is that the Model 3 can’t hurt the Chevrolet Bolt until it gets released.

Nobody knows exactly when the Model 3 will get released and the earliest possible date is in late 2017. If the timing is spot on, then the Bolt EV can look forward to enjoying a full year of competition-free sales.