Chevrolet Bolt: GM Chickens Out Game Changing Opportunity Against Tesla

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The Chevrolet Bolt is selling like hotcakes at the moment and it can get even better when you realize that there is a massive demand for the car.

We are not talking about just the US market. Reports have confirmed that Europe is over the moon for the Bolt and this has forced GM to chicken out.

GM revealed that they have decided to stop taking orders for the Bolt EV in Europe due to the inability to cater to the demand in such short time and they will resume sales once the current pending orders are fulfilled.

This is really positive for the Chevrolet Bolt but the news has already left some fans hurt. For these folks, they would want the Bolt to beat rival Tesla Model 3 in its own game and the way to do so is by having GM taking a deposit for their EV in Europe.

That way, GM will have a better grip on the consumers thus giving the Bolt a greater volume prospect. Well, perhaps pride got in the way of GM as they may have snubbed the unorthodox technique to not be like the Tesla Model 3.