Chevrolet Bolt Growing Desperate In Light Of Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf

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Late last year, Chevrolet launched the all-new Bolt EV. The hatchback is a really special car because it is the first EV that can offer more than 200 miles while retailing below $40,000. It makes the Bolt the most attractive EV car yet but unfortunately, sales are not escalating at a rapid pace.

This cannot be helped as the Bolt is only offered in seven states hence many dealers have marked up the price of the hatchback. The limited market presence has placed a handbrake on the Bolt’s EV conquest but the good news is that the dealers are finally realizing this.

Some dealers are now starting to offer massive discounts with the Bolt EV as they are desperate to clear the vehicle of their lot. Here in California, the dealers are discounting the Bolt by $5,000 and this means that you can pick the vehicle up for only $25,000 after rebates.

The sudden move to lower the price of the Bolt can be described as a desperate move by the dealers and GM because rival carmakers are about to bring out their best EVs.

The Tesla Model 3, in particular, is expected to arrive early next year and it already has 300,000 pre-orders. Then there is the next-gen Nissan Leaf which is currently named as the most anticipated vehicles pending to come out this year.

The honeymoon period for the Bolt is over and it is fair time for GM to work hard in pursuing massive sales figures. Failing to do so will only put the Bolt at risk of being destroyed by rival cars.