Chevrolet Bolt: If It’s Not Tesla, It Ain’t Cool!

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What is there not to like about the Chevrolet Bolt? The EV hatchback is widely praised for having a low MSRP and some of the best driving range to offer around.

Our recent test with the Chevrolet Bolt has proved this point when we learned that the car can actually travel 30-40 miles further than the official driving range figures although we may need to behave like a conscious driver.

Even on the performance end, the Bolt is pretty good as it can sprint to 60mph in under 7 seconds and this completes what we call a fun-filled, earth-saving everyday car.

Many are beginning to realize the goodness that is with the Bolt and this explains why the car has been posting new record monthly sales figures since Q2 this year although the numbers have yet to enjoy a significant leap.

We would prefer to see it as because of GM struggling with supplies but when questioning the public about it, they simply believe that it is because the Tesla Model 3 is cooler. We questioned about 20 individuals at random yesterday and we are shocked to see 18 of them hoping to land a Model 3 instead of a Bolt.

When questioned on the disadvantages of doing so, these folks said that Tesla is the revolutionary name and the Model 3 has a slightly lower MSRP than the Bolt. Hence they are willing to wait an unknown duration for the Model 3 rather than settling for the Bolt straight on.

One particular individual silenced us when he revealed that the Bolt does not have a quick-charging network and it is also a small hatchback – which is uncool. Well, there’s no changing their minds so we decided to agree to disagree.