Chevrolet Bolt Laughs Off Tesla Model 3 Quality

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Tesla is pretty much the benchmark in the electric car scene hence it is completely understandable why many are flocking to a Tesla Store with the hope of owning a Model 3.

Much like the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 has a delightful performance to offer and its driving range is among the best in the world yet. Perhaps, the only other car that can give the Model 3 a close contest is the Chevrolet Bolt and we personally prefer this car over the one from Tesla.

We don’t mean to hate on Tesla here but their level of quality is significantly behind the established brands in the car scene. One of our readers shared a picture of his newly delivered Model 3 and you can easily notice the gaps on the body panels.

This is not the sort of quality we would want on a $40,000 car and it does not give us confidence that the Model 3 can last for many years. Such poor build quality is extremely rare to find on the Bolt.

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