Chevrolet Bolt: Leaf’s Survival May Haunt GM

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Is the Chevrolet Bolt a success? Prior to its debut, the hype surrounding the car was really loud, especially since the Bolt promises more than 200 miles of driving range and some of the best on-board technologies around.

Well, the Bolt came out living up to these expectations with the exception of one, the death of the Nissan Leaf. The latter is an old EV car that is still being actively sold today and many though that the Bolt will illustrate how far behind the Leaf is before taking away the Leaf’s customers.

It did not happen as expected and to make it more surprising, the Leaf was able to post their best sales month following the Bolt’s debut. What gives?

Nissan can certainly be proud of this achievement and they may retaliate by using the Leaf to kill the Bolt. Nissan has confirmed on the development of the next-gen Leaf and the car is expected to be miles better than the Bolt when released.