Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf At The Centre Of Shoes Revolution!

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EVs are fast overtaking ICE cars in both sales and performance, and this has resulted in parts developer to adjust their products accordingly.

Among them is tire-maker Goodyear, which has announced on the development of new tires that can amplify the goodness on EVs. Goodyear revealed that EVs are getting more affordable and they have noticed the sharp incline in volume when Nissan brought out the new Leaf and when Chevrolet launched the Bolt.

Both the Leaf and the Bolt may not have a sporty performance like the cars from Tesla but they proved one thing. It is that electric motors can burst into speed without delay regardless of how the car is tuned or programmed.

With that in mind, Goodyear has revealed that their next major tires will be tailored with acceleration in mind and the rubber crafting will also attempt at improving driving range of EVs entirely. It’s good times ahead for any EV drivers out there.