Chevrolet Bolt: Nissan Leaf’s Demise Finally Taking Shape

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The month of December surprised us all when Nissan revealed that the Leaf has posted their best sales month yet despite having to compete with the newly released Chevrolet Bolt. To make things extra interesting, more Leafs were sold in December than the Bolt.

This is something which we find hard to understand as we have been predicting the Bolt to be the grim reaper for the Nissan Leaf. The Bolt is a lot cheaper than the Leaf in terms of dollars-per-electric-mile and it is also equipped with a better powertrain. The Leaf is still running on an aged-old EV system but that didn’t stop it from making gains.

Today, the January sales reports are out and we saw fewer Leafs sold when compared to December. However, when it comes to year-to-year sales figures, the number of Leaf sold rose by 2.3%.

This is positive but not good enough because the Bolt has finally lived up to our expectations. January saw 1,162 units of the Bolt getting sold and this is about 400 units more than the Leaf. If the Bolt can maintain this growth, it can kill off the Nissan Leaf in no time.