Chevrolet Bolt Not Interested In Challenging Nissan leaf?

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Back when Chevrolet launched the all-new Bolt, many thought that the electric hatchback will see the end of the Nissan Leaf. This cannot be helped as on the specs sheet, the Bolt is far more attractive than the Leaf.

Even on the price-per-EV-mile front, the Bolt is cheaper to own and this is why many expected the aging Nissan Leaf to get buried by the newcomer. But then again, the opposite happened as the Leaf broke its own sales record in the month where the Bolt got released. Even today, the Leaf managed to maintain its monthly sales figures whereas the Bolt is struggling to make it big in the market.

So, why is the Bolt not doing so well despite being heavily hyped about prior to its arrival? GM has chosen not to provide any explanation and they prefer to focus on their master plan, which is to turn the Bolt into self-driving ride-sharing service.

This master plan will go on full throttle next month and when that happens, the Bolt will become the world’s largest self-driven ride-sharing service. If this is to serve any message, it seems like GM is never interested in hurting the Leaf as they want to become the leading brand in autonomous taxis.