Chevrolet Bolt: Rocky Start Is Finally Water Under The Bridge!

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With 237 electric miles to offer, it is easy to understand why the Chevrolet Bolt is one of the most sought after EV in the market right now and this is a big positive for GM.

This is the intended outcome with the Bolt and GM can breathe easy knowing that the rocky debut of the EV hatchback did not return to haunt them and ruin their EV progam.

In case you are unaware, the Bolt suffered a really poor start when it debuted in December last year as GM took a long time to make the car available for purchase on a nationwide basis.

About 4 months have passed since the Bolt got delivered at every dealer here in the US and this has led to a sharp rise on the sales front. Just take October 17 as an example. The Bolt broke its personal best monthly sales record yet again after recording 2,781 units sold.

If this is to keep going in the future to come, the Bolt is likely to become a huge player in the EV scene and it may be the only car that can compete closely with the vehicles from Tesla.