Chevrolet Bolt Sluggish Pace To Hit Full Potential May Bite Back

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Back when GM launched the Chevrolet Bolt in December last year, many expected the vehicle to be the biggest challenge for the all-new Tesla Model 3. We can see today that the Bolt is consistently making gains and if it keeps this up, the EV hatchback can truly challenge the Model 3’s volume.

The only problem here is that GM has been sluggish when it comes to distributing the Bolt on the nationwide basis. Despite promising a nationwide debut prior to the Bolt’s arrival, the car ended up being available on selected states.

Last month, things have improved for the Bolt but it is still far from being available across every state in the US. The car is currently only available in 18 states but this is still enough to turn it into a bestseller for July last month.

While this may sound positive, we are worried for the Bolt because the delays to become available across every state will only give other EVs the opportunity to tap on the untouched regions. Tesla is pushing out more Model 3 and Nissan is about to launch the next-gen Leaf. The sluggish distribution may just bite GM back if the pace doesn’t improve.