Chevrolet Bolt: Surviving Leaf May Haunt GM!

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When the Chevrolet Bolt made its debut late last year, many thought that it will mark the end of the age-old Nissan Leaf. This is easily because of the fact that the Bolt can offer 238 miles of driving range all-while being very affordable to own.

But then again, the opposite happened. Against all odds, the Leaf managed to record their bestselling month yet. The figures are near to that of the Chevrolet Bolt and this changed the playing fields entirely.

Some would say that it is GM’s fault for not launching the Bolt on a nationwide basis and this may bite the automotive firm back. Nissan has confirmed on the development of the next-gen Leaf and the car is bound to make its debut later this year.

For all we know, the next Leaf may look like the IDS concept that was unveiled a year ago and it is likely to match, if not better the Bolt’s EV driving range. If so, then the next-gen Leaf can do the unexpected and lead the Bolt to its demise.