Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3 Can’t Beat VW E-Golf In Affordability!

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The EV market is a lot more competitive today as Tesla has launched the Model 3 to compete fiercely with the Chevrolet Bolt. Both EVs are getting a lot of attention from the consumers and this is due to their affordability.

But then again, if you really want something affordable, you should look at the Volkswagen e-Golf instead of the Bolt and the Model 3. This is because the e-Golf is the cheapest choice around and its prices cannot be challenged by Chevrolet or Tesla.

The e-Golf has a retail price of about $29,000 and this is $6,000 cheaper than the Model 3 and $7,000 than the Bolt. While the competition may appear cheaper on the price-per-range chart, the e-Golf is still the better choice thanks to a new promotion in California.

The promotion sees the e-Golf retailing at only $4,495 and this is not a hoax. To enjoy the 125-mile EV from Volkswagen, you will need to purchase the vehicle at Sonoma County. The first discount will slash $7,000 off the MSRP and it is called dealer credit. Then there is the $2,000 Sonoma Clean Power incentive, $7,500 federal tax credit and $2,500 tax rebate that turns the purchasing price to $9,995.

You can further slash the price by about 50% if you are a long-term customer of Sonoma Clean Power. Surely, the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 can’t compete with this.