Chevrolet Bolt: US EV Glory Secondary To Global Electric Takeover!

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The Chevrolet Bolt is now on full throttle on the sales front as its nationwide availability has given us greater precision in seeing how well the Bolt is being accepted by the mass market.

The numbers in the past two months have gone beyond the 3,000 mark and this is really positive for the Chevrolet Bolt. For GM however, the sales numbers are still not good enough to leave them dancing at the board meeting.

GM revealed earlier today that they want global success as that is where true electric volume is. GM added that they are already laying out the plans to ship the Chevrolet Bolt on the global scale and the car will be accompanied by several other new electric vehicles.

The details are not provided as of yet and we may hear more about it at the next LA Auto Show. GM can at least celebrate the fact that they are well-ahead of rival Ford on the electric front.