Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Changing The Tides

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Last December, Chevrolet launched the Bolt and it got many eager to see the downfall of the long-serving Nissan Leaf. This is because of the Leaf’s driving technologies which looks completely obsolete when compared to the Bolt.

But then again, the unexpected happened as the Bolt experienced a slow entry in the market. To make it more surprising, the Leaf posted their best sales month yet in December. Nobody foresaw this happening and it left us scratching our heads.

Just when we were about to accept that the Bolt has failed to live up to its sales potential, GM announced that the car has made some leaps in sales for the month of January 2017. Last month saw 1,162 Bolts leaving the dealers and this is 400 units more than the Leaf.

The tides have changed and we can expect the sales of the Bolt to pick up pace in the coming months. As for the Leaf, it will continue going on a downfall, at least until Nissan decides to bring out a new generation model.