Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Forgetting Rocky Debut

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Back in December last year, the all-new Chevrolet Bolt made its official sales debut and many were anticipating the immediate downfall of the Nissan Leaf.

The former came out retailing at about $37,000 and while this may be $5,000 more expansive than the Leaf, the price gap can be easily forgotten thanks to the Bolt’s 238 miles of driving range. Heck, this makes the Bolt cheaper to own if buyers are to calculate based on price-per-EV-mile.

But then again, a miracle happened and it is that the Leaf managed to post their best sales month yet. The Bolt, on the other hand, experienced a slow debut and it is far behind the Leaf’s sales figures.

Well, that is no longer the case today as the month of January 2017 saw the Bolt surpassing the Leaf’s sales figures by a huge margin. The Leaf may have gained 2.3% on the year-to-year charts but it is the Bolt which brags the bigger volume.

A total of 1,162 Bolts were sold last month and this is about 400 units more than the Leaf. At this rate, the Bolt can truly dig a grave for the Leaf but this is unless Nissan hasten replacing the age-old model with a brand new generation Leaf.