Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Old Dogs Must Die

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The arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt completely changed the EV landscape as the car is able to offer 238 miles of driving range all-while being reasonably priced. Unlike the cars from Tesla, the Bolt is a lot cheaper as prices starts at around $37,000 before rebates and tax incentives.

But then again, the Bolt didn’t get to enjoy the perfect debut as the aging Nissan Leaf that brags 110 miles of driving range managed to outdo the vehicle on the sales front. To make it more surprising, the Bolt’s debut month is also the Leaf’s best sales month yet.

Just when we started to see the world in a crazy way, Chevrolet made a comeback in January last month to restore order in the EV market. The Bolt started showing its presence when it bagged more sales than the Leaf, although it is only by about 400 units.

Either way, we don’t expect the numbers to slowdown considering how new the Bolt is. It has also been uncovered that the Bolt is cheaper than the Leaf if the price is based on per-mile basis.

This makes the Bolt the most attract EV car right now and it will see the demise of the Leaf. This is unless Nissan hasten the development of the overdue, next-gen Leaf.