Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Revenge Served Early

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The Chevrolet Bolt may have experienced a rocky debut but this is no longer the case as sales of the EV hatchback is now moving at full pace. January saw the Bolt EV accumulating more sales than the Nissan Leaf and this was met by a sigh of relief from the majority of consumers.

Many were worried for the Bolt as it failed to outsell the Leaf when it debuted in December last year – especially when knowing that the Leaf is running on outdated technology. The Leaf is still stuck in 110 miles of driving range hence it is less attractive than the Bolt, which has 238 miles to offer.

The strange thing is that the Leaf achieved its best sales month yet in December 2016 and this very fact raised speculations on the Bolt’s failure. But after seeing the Bolt picking up speed in January sales with 1,162 units sold, the worries were quickly driven away.

It is the perfect revenge for the Chevrolet Bolt as they even outsold the Nissan Leaf. Even so, we are still amazed by the Leaf’s ability to sell at decent pace despite of its age.