Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Will 2018 Change Everything?

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It has been about a year since Chevrolet launched the Bolt EV and we can now see how well the car is received by the public through checking out its sales progress.

The Bolt EV suffered a slow start to its campaign after losing out to the aging Nissan Leaf in the first couple of months but things quickly recovered in the months after. On average, Chevrolet sold about 2,000 Bolts a month thus bringing the CYTD numbers to 20,070.

This is really impressive but not enough to affect rival Nissan. The Leaf may have suffered a sharp dip in the second-half of 2017 but this is caused by the announcement of the next-gen model. The new generation Leaf will be going on sale at the start of next year hence the numbers are expected to improve sharply.

As for 2017, the aging Leaf still managed to achieve respectable sales with an average figure of about 1,000 units per month. The total CYTD currently stands at 11,128 and this is about 50% behind the Bolt. Once again, for an ‘obsolete’ vehicle, that achievement is worth commending.

This brings us to 2018, which will kick-start in a month from now. Nissan is expected to deliver the first batch of the new Leaf then and there is a strong potential for the tables to turn in the sales war that involves rival Chevrolet Bolt.