Chevrolet Camaro EV Poised To Hunt Down Porsche Mission E?

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If the Chevrolet Bolt is GM’s solution for the Tesla Model 3, then the company’s upcoming EV Coupe must have been ignited by the Porsche Mission E.

Yes, you read that right. GM next major sports coupe is going to run on electric energy and it is being linked to making a debut in 2023. The idea was teased by GM last week, through the release of a teaser image which shows a mystery vehicle hiding underneath a blanket.

Many individuals with an eye for detail has studied the teaser photo for a week and all of them agreed that the shape of the vehicle hidden underneath is that of a sports coupe.

Also, keeping in mind of GM’s mass EV expansion happening in the near future, these folks believe that the sports coupe will be powered with an electric powertrain.

The car may as well be the Camaro of the electric world and it will definitely look to pick a fight with the Porsche Mission E. What do you make of it?