Chevrolet Camaro Hybrid Is Potentially A Volvo-Aspirated Happening!

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Just like every other pure American muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro is defined by the V8 engine that rests under its hood but this is not stopping GM from producing other versions of the vehicle.

Recent times have seen more Camaros coming out with a 6-banger and 4-banger but it doesn’t worry the market since the V8-powered model is still being kept alive.

But then again, the V8 status of the Camaro may hit an end soon if CAFÉ regulations are to get tougher which may lead to the creation of the world’s first Camaro Hybrid. It was uncovered today that GM has patented a high compression, twin-charged hybrid powertrain that will eventually get equipped by their cars.

The use of a supercharger and turbocharger together is something which Volvo has been offering in recent times hence it is perhaps right to say that the Swedish carmaker may have inspired GM into walking down the same path.

It will be interesting where the development of the said powertrain will be used in GM’s family and we can’t help but to expect the Camaro to take a hybrid form in the near future.