Chevrolet Camaro Opposes Hyundai’s Stance On Nurburgring!

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Earlier this week, Hyundai made it clear that they are not interested in chasing Nurburgring records with the i30 N. Such a remark put an end to speculations on the i30 N being made to beat the FWD sports hatch record around the Ring set by the Honda Civic Type R.

The speculation came into effect after the public learned that the i30 N was developed at the Nurburgring. Despite this being a fact, the use of the Ring to develop the i30 N is nothing more than because of the track close proximity to real-world road conditions.

So, Hyundai has made their stance clear and today, GM offered a response to it. GM went public to share that they want the Chevrolet Camaro to try an achieve something at the Ring.

In detail, GM is hoping to send the Camaro ZL1 1LE to the Nurburgring as they want to see if the vehicle can finish a lap under 7 seconds. If the Camaro ZL1 1LE can pull it off, it will prove that the car has got a stellar performance to offer and it can even give the 918 Spyder a run for its money.