Chevrolet Camaro RS Caught Plagiarizing Ford Mustang

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Chevrolet is about to make it big on the global front as they are preparing to sell the Camaro in China. Dubbed as the Camaro RS, the pony car is scheduled to go on sale before the end of Q2.

Today, Chevrolet dropped more details on the Camaro RS and from it, we are able to learn that the car will retail from RMB399,000. This translates to $58,000 here in the US. It is shockingly high for a car which specs are no different from a basic Camaro here in the US.

But then again, Chevrolet is merely following Ford’s price trend. The Mustangs in China can also be said as overpriced because they retail from $59,000. But then again, you should note that Ford is offering a V8 option with the Mustang whereas the Camaro RS has a fixed setup.

Either way, it does not change the fact that the Camaro RS is practicing a ‘monkey see monkey do’ strategy over in China as they are following the Mustangs example in approaching the Far East market.