Chevrolet Camaro RS: Ford Mustang Was Here First

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For those that have never heard of the Chevrolet Camaro RS, it is a Camaro that is made for China. The Camaro RS was confirmed by Chevrolet earlier this year and it is bound to go on sale before the start of summer this year.

Today, Chevrolet has announced on the pricing of the Camaro RS and it left many shocked. This is because the Camaro RS is really expansive with prices starting at RMB399,000. This translates to US$58,000 based on current rates.

The pricing of the Camaro RS got us curious to see if there is anything extraordinary with the car but our search returned no results. What’s worse about it is that the Camaro RS is no different from a standard Camaro here in the US. So why is it double the price over in China?

It could be down to many things like tax and cost of shipping. However, we are certain about one thing and it is the fact that the Camaro RS is merely following the muscle car price trend which was set by the Ford Mustang.

The Mustang has been in China for a long while now and it is slightly more expansive than the Camaro RS. But then again, Ford also offers a V8 with the Mustang whereas the Camaro RS has a single fixed configuration. Seeing that the Mustang is already a success in China, will the Camaro be able to do well?