Chevrolet Camaro RS vs Ford Mustang: Notice The Double Standard?

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The Ford Mustang is no longer a stranger in China as the vehicle has been selling well since it made its debut in the country last year. Within weeks from now, Chevrolet too will commence selling the Camaro in China but their decision to do so is being bombarded with heavy criticism.

This cannot be helped as the China-bound Camaro will have an opening price of RMB399,000. This is equivalent to $58,000 and it gets scary when you realized that the China-bound Camaro shares the same specs as a standard model here in the US.

Knowing that overpricing a car is a bad decision, why did Chevrolet proceed with it?

The answer to this is the Ford Mustang. The latter is actually more expansive to own in China with prices starting at $59,000. The fact that nobody raised this point made us realize the viewing standards in the automotive industry.

But in the Mustang’s defense, the vehicle is also offered with a V8 mill. The Camaro that is made for China has got a fixed specs sheet and there is no changing that bit.