Chevrolet Camaro Set To Follow Subaru WRX STI’s Pointless Maneuver?

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The latest Subaru WRX STI Type-RA NBR can be summed up in one word – pointless. The car was launched a couple of months ago with the purpose of setting a record around the Nurburgring and it did just that.

The fact that Subaru has no plans to sell the WRX STI Type-RA NBR or even offer it as a pure track car make it a pointless project. We raised this point because it now looks like GM’s Chevrolet is about to take on the same path with the Chevrolet Camaro.

Chevrolet announced earlier this week that they are currently working on the Camaro GT4 R and the car has a goal of becoming the ultimate track machine. The reveal got many worried that Chevrolet is simply making an attempt at track glory like the WRX STI Type-RA NBR.

Well, today we can ease those worries for you because Chevrolet has revealed that the vehicle will be purchasable. While not road-legal, track-goers can adopt the Camaro GT4 R if they can meet the $249,000 calling price. It may sound costly but this is better than just building a car to not sell it.