Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Leaves Dodge Challenger Demon In Its Smoke

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The all-new Dodge Challenger Demon is now the benchmark in the drag scene as it is able to pull off the best quarter-mile timing all while in its stock form.

With 840hp to offer from a V8 engine and a clever power delivery system, it greatly explains why the Challenger Demon is at the top of the pecking order on the straight line. This also means that the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is no match for the Demon but would the outcome be the same if the ZL1 is to get a power boost from modifications?

The answer is no. A stock 650hp Camaro ZL1 can never beat the Challenger Demon on the straight line but when refined to offer 1,000hp, the car is able to edge past the drag champion.

This is proven today when a Camaro ZL1 that is tuned by Vengeance Racing completed a quarter-mile challenge in an amazing time of 9.58 seconds. This is about 0.07 seconds faster than the Challenger Demon thus making it the new boss on the straight line.