Chevrolet Colorado Can’t Even Keep Close To A Toyota Tacoma!

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It can be easy to say one vehicle is better than another but this isn’t the case for the Chevrolet Colorado and the Toyota Tacoma. Both midsized pickup trucks have their own pros as well as cons that there is no ‘right’ winner when comparing the two.

But if the scope here is purely about money, then there is only one champion and it is the Tacoma. Toyota may not sound like a brand that can build attractive pickup trucks for the American market but they had just achieved so with the Tacoma.

2017 saw Toyota moving a whopping 198,124 Tacoma and this is almost double the volume achieved by the Colorado in that same period of time.

What was once a closely competed contest in the midsized pickup truck scene has now changed into the Tacoma’s playground. Chevrolet will really need to pull off something special if they want the Colorado to narrow the gap with the Tacoma in 2018.