Chevrolet Colorado: Did Camaro Exposed Poor Pricing Structure?

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The Chevrolet Colorado is currently the most popular midsized pickup truck here in the US but is it rightfully priced by GM? We raised this question because we feel that the Colorado is a lot more expansive than it should be.

After playing around Chevrolet’s website to see what we can get with the ultimate Colorado, we saw the price tag stretching past the $50,000. The price is for the diesel-powered Colorado Quad Cab and this is quite a hefty fee to pay, especially if you are to consider that the Camaro’s pricing is not far away.

GM announced earlier today that the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE cost about $70,000 and this is quite affordable for a car that can challenge a full-fledged supercar on the track. Meanwhile, the Colorado can’t even get opted with a V8 engine and it is only $20,000 short of the ultimate Camaro trim.

We don’t know about you but we find the pricing structure to be broken for the consumers. On the other hand, GM must have seen that consumers tend to value pickup trucks more hence they jacked up the price for greater returns. What are your thoughts on this?