Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Is Worlds Ahead Of Dodge Viper ACR!

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Just yesterday, we shared with you a report on the Ford GT’s lap run at the VIR and it saw the vehicle creating a new personal record around the popular track. What’s more amazing about it is that the GT completed its best lap with a time of 2:38.62 and it did so while having the same set of tyres.

We brought the tyres up because the iconic Dodge Viper ACR required a truck-load of tyres to keep it speeding on VIR and even that can’t allow it to defend its lap times against the Ford GT.

But before you celebrate the GT, you should know that there is now a more insane car and it is the latest generation Corvette ZR1. This gem from GM is significantly cheaper than both the Ford GT and Dodge Viper ACR but that does not mean it is slower.

The ZR1 had just completed its attempt at VIR and it finished at 2:37.25. This is about 1.37 seconds faster than the Ford GT and many seconds greater than the Viper ACR.

There has been an argument on if the Corvette ZR1 should take over the Viper as the iconic American supercar and the achievement above has perhaps provided the answer for it.