Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: The Ultimate Close-Up Tour!

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It is official. GM has pulled the curtains off the next-gen Corvette ZR1 and we have already read plenty about the car. The Corvette ZR1 holds a huge prospect for success and it is a bummer that we will need to wait until the LA Auto Show to get a front-row view of the vehicle.

Well, thanks to your favourite reviewer Doug DeMuro, we can all take a closer look at the next-gen Corvette ZR1 today. The ever-popular reviewer managed to get a close-up tour of the Corvette ZR1 and he also pointed out some quirks and features on the car.

Doug has got a great track record for delivering great reviews and despite not getting to drive the ZR1, he managed to cover the vehicle’s surface with great detail. So if you are interested to see and learn the Corvette ZR1 up-close today, you can check out the video below: