Chevrolet Cruze Failures Brings Pain To The Workforce!

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The past decade has not been too kind towards compact cars – particularly the Chevrolet Cruze. With crossover leaving compact vehicles in its shadows, Chevrolet has failed to offer something special with the Cruze to ensure its sales survival in the market.

It isn’t like the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla, which have been upgraded heftily to cement decent monthly sales figures. As the segment pushes on for more powerful, feature-packed and reliable cars, the Cruze remained stagnant with underwhelming power figures and price.

Now the decisions made by Chevrolet is hitting them back after a report revealed that the facility managing the Cruze’s production will send half of its workforce packing. The plant in Lordstown will release half of its employees due to poor sales of the Cruze.

The fault is with Chevrolet for failing to offer an attractive Cruze. Even if they are unable to bring out good power figures with the car, the company could’ve at least make the car cheaper than the likes of the Civic and the Corolla.