Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Looks Ready To Kill Jaguar F-Pace

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Chevrolet is a high volume car manufacturer that caters to the affordable market hence it is not right to compare it with luxury carmakers like Jaguar. But when a vehicle from Chevy saw the addition of many luxuries, we can’t help but to see it in a totally different class.

The latest example on this is the all-new FNR-X Concept that was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier today. As how you can see in the photo above, the vehicle looks really beautiful as it tones down on the design of the old FNR concept from two years ago. It makes the FNR-X looking more realistic and ready for production.

Chevrolet quoted the vehicle to be the “all-purpose sports concept vehicle” and this is despite of the fact that the FNR-X is made to run on a pure electric powertrain. The wow factor is with the vehicle’s styling which looks premium and muscular at the same time.

If the FNR-X is to get produced, we don’t expect the vehicle to chase down the likes of Toyota C-HR or Honda CR-V. It will instead run straight for the Jaguar F-Pace or any other popular luxury crossovers in the market. Wouldn’t you agree?