Chevrolet Silverado: Can Carbon Fibre Protect You From Bears?

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Earlier today, several reports surfaced online claiming that GM is developing carbon fibre beds for the next-gen Chevrolet Silverado and this left us with a lot of questions in our head.

Among them is about the strength of carbon fibre. GM has been controversial with the way they advertise the Chevy Silverado and one of the ads saw them provoking the aluminium bed on the Ford F-150 by creating an aluminium cage to protect ‘real-people’ from bear attacks.

The clip saw the participating ‘real-people’ having no confidence in aluminium and they immediately snubbed the material for a steel cage. So if the same test is to be done again with carbon fibre, what sort of result will it bring?

To our knowledge, carbon fibre can protect you from bears if they are designed for strength. But having a strong carbon fibre component on cars won’t do any good as it will add in a lot more weight.

GM may not mention anything but we are pretty certain the use of carbon fibre is aimed at reducing weight hence putting the strength of the material in question. Even if carbon fibre is going to be decently strong for the Silverado’s heavy duty habits, will the material be cheap for mass production?

Someone should just tell GM to drop their ego and use aluminium if they want to. There is no shame to that – at least that is how we feel.