Chevrolet Silverado Can Do Donuts & It’s Not Pretty

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Large pickup trucks are commonly pushed to their limits when going off-roading but for one owner of the Chevrolet Silverado, he has modified his vehicle to behave like a typical RWD sports car.

The Silverado was made to adopt a turbocharger and this allows it to burst into speed faster than a standard model. For the owner, going fast is not enough and this led him to step into a car meet and do donuts with his Silverado.

We are not used to seeing pickup trucks sliding in circles hence the sight of the Silverado burning its buns are something we found hard to swallow. It is not the prettiest view around as we are more worried for the crowd standing in close proximity with the vehicle.

The Silverado is not made to do donuts and while modifications can allow it to do exactly that, there is always a risk for the pickup truck to lose traction due to its large measurements. You can check out the happening below.