Chevrolet Silverado: Missing GM Is Making Ford F-150 Looking Great

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Monthly car sales figures are nice to look at as it will give you a great view of what the majority of consumers are into. Unfortunately, not all carmakers are supportive of the monthly sales practice and among them is GM.

Since the start of the year, GM has changed their ways through announcing the sales of their products in a quarterly manner. We never felt the pinch of it until April 2018 sales sheet got released and it saw GM labelled with “not applicable”.

It’s the first time for us and we never felt so affected by it. The missing report from GM means that we are now made to wait until June before we can see how the Silverado is doing in the market.

The Silverado is something which we monitor closely and not seeing the vehicle monthly sales data has apparently made the Ford F-Series looking spectacular. If you are to peek into April’s sales data, you will see that the F-Series is at the top of the charts far beyond the reach of runner-up RAM.

Without the Silverado around, Ford is able to look like the most dominant brand on the sales front. GM can’t avoid it as they are certain that the monthly sales sheet is not doing any favors to their investors.