Chevrolet Tahoe Had Just Made Suburban Less Attractive!

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GM’s Chevrolet has a vast vehicle line-up and this has made them prone to a lot of questionable decisions. One example would be the need for a Tahoe and a Suburban. Both vehicles are large SUVs and the only separating factor is with the Suburban being based on the Silverado.

The similarities between the two vehicles have taken another step forward as Chevrolet had just launched the range-topping Tahoe RST – joining the Suburban.

This is great news for those that desire a high-end Tahoe but it also brings misery to Suburban lovers. We say so because the Tahoe RST has an added advantage over the Suburban RST thanks to being equipped with a more powerful mill.

Underneath the hood of the Tahoe RST lies the once-Cadillac-exclusive 6.2L V8 engine that can produce 420hp and 460ft-lbs of torque. This is something that isn’t available on the Suburban as the pickup truck-based SUV only gets cosmetic changes when with the RST moniker.

It is unsure on the reason to why Chevrolet is denying the 6.2L mill from debuting on the Suburban but we can assume that it is because of sales. Through making the Tahoe RST more attractive with the 6.2L unit, consumers will likely to adopt the vehicle than the Suburban. What else could it be?