Chevrolet UK Is Rarer Than A Pagani!

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Pagani is an exotic supercar manufacturer that produces cars in highly limited numbers. This basically makes it easy to understand why Paganis are very rare to spot on the streets but what if we tell you that Chevrolet is much harder to find?

This may sound hard to believe but if you are to look at the automotive sales data in the UK, you will see that Chevrolets are fast turning into an exotic in the country. Let’s cut to the chase shall we.

Out of all the vehicles sold in January throughout the UK, only one Chevrolet got sold. Yes, you read that right. A mass-market car manufacturer like Chevrolet only achieved a single sale in an entire month across multiple countries.

This is something we are not used to seeing but before you think Chevrolets as something pathetic in the UK, you should know that GM has announced on the carmaker’s pull-out from the market.

It’s very strange that one car still got sold and it is even more weird that we are not bothered to find out what car is it.